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September is Save the Koala Month

September is a special time to consider how you can help koalas. This month is Save the Koala Month, and Friday, September 29 is Save the Koala Day.

September is Save the Koala Month

Here are some ways you can help koalas:

  • Write to the Australian Environment Minister to advocate listing the Southeast Queensland koala population as critically endangered and protecting koala habitat more effectively.
  • โ€œAdoptโ€ a koala from the Australian Koala Foundation.
  • Plant a eucalyptus tree online through the Australian Koala Foundation.
  • For those living in eastern Australia, planting a eucalyptus tree on your property is a wonderful way to help. Here is a Koala Tree Planting PDF which provides information about what species of eucalyptus to plant.

Learn more about koalas at our koala facts article.

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